Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dyeing with Black Beans

Stephanie at Can Do Books told me about dyeing with black beans and the lovely rich colour.  ON researching the black beans people did get lovely rich colours, blues and greens, I got purple.  It is a beautiful shade of purple, I love it, but not blues and greens.  The yarn at the bottom of the photo is Bendigo Woollen Mills Shetland Wool, the yarn above is Ixchel I picked up on Sunday at Coburg Town Hall.  I also put some embroidery perle cotton and antique crochet pieces I had.  They all turned a very deep purple.  I got very excited with this dyepot, I went and got more beans and they are soaking now.  Going to try different mordants to see if I can get the blues and greens.

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