Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Things You Find

Since completing the bookshelf, I have been moving some books out of the craft room, which in turn makes me go through and sort things in the craft room.  I was going through some tubs and found these two pieces of patchwork.  The first was left from some potholders that I made, and clearly this one wasn't finished.
The second piece of patchwork has more of a story.  We were living in Oyster Bay in Sydney, in Defence Housing.  There were 16 townhouses, one Army family, the rest Navy.  One of the lovely ladies, Ann was a patchworker and was kind enough to hold a little get together for a few of us on Wednesday nights and teach us how to patchwork.  I was the first to leave the little group, moved to Perth on a posting, and the protocol was to make a friendship block for everyone.  This is the block I received from Ann.  Before I opened it fully, I was having trouble remembering her last name, the beauty of friendship blocks.

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