Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Crocheted Toadstools


Here is the pattern for the crocheted toadstools I made a few years ago.  The toadstools were around the bottom of the tree the Christmas Gnomes were on in the window of Can Do Books.  The pattern was printed on a little sheet and given away at the bookstore at the time.  I have just realised I didn't give it away myself.  So here it is:

Crocheted Toadstools

Using red 8ply yarn and 3.5mm hook dc 6sts into adjustable ring, pull ring closed but not tightly
2dc in each dc, 12sts
1dc, 2dc in next dc, repeat to end, 18sts
close adjustable ring and weave in end 
work 3 rounds in dc, fasten off red
Attach spots:   either by needle felting small circles of white roving randomly around toadstool top, 
or cut small circles of white felt and sew them on, 
or work french knots in white embroidery thread
Change to white 8ply yarn, work 1 round dc, 18sts, working the first row into the rear of the stitch on the last row 
1dc, dc2 tog, repeat to end, 12sts
dc2 tog, repeat to end, 6sts.  Fill toadstool cap very lightly.
work 3 rows dc
dc2, dc2 in next dc, repeat to end, 8sts
work 2 rows dc
fasten off, leaving a long length of yarn, fill stem lightly
work a few buttonhole stitches around inside of base of toadstool stem, close hole, fasten off.   Attach one or two toadstools to an alligator hair clip
Make different sized toadstools by increasing the red top to 12, 24 or 30 stitches
when decreasing in white for the underpart of the toadstool top, work more or less rounds of the (1dc, dc2 tog, rep to end) until it is reduced enough for the stem size.

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